Sean Hopewell
General Manager, The Cat & Fiddle , Ilkeston

We have had Barry as our resident DJ and quiz master for some time now, and have always been extremely pleased with the service he provides. Barry is very likeable and interacts extremely well with our guests, ensuring that everyone is having an enjoyable time.

Rebecca Nuttall

Barry provided excellent entertainment for the LPUK 8th Annual Convention, offering a wide range of music to suit all needs and covering our vast age range from children to over 60’s, allowing our guests to have a great time dancing until the early hours. He kindly also accepted requests from our guests, allowing them to…

Rebecca Nuttall
Little People UK

I am writing to thank you for joining us at Little People UK’s 8th Annual Convention at Nottingham Belfry. Your entertainment at our convention was excellent. We would like to invite you to our next conference, the date and location of which is still to be confirmed but we will let you know once final…

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